We'd like to tell you some more about our school and how we can help you start a new
career in the art of professional pet grooming.

Becoming a skilled professional pet groomer opens doors to many career opportunities as
an alternative to college or a job with no future. Your skills will be in demand by pet owners,
"in-home" grooming, mobile van grooming, salons, pet centers, pet boutiques,
veterinarians, animal hospitals, humane shelters, kennels, and more.

All you need to start a new career in this rewarding field is your love for animals,
and a diploma from the Dogs N' Cats Grooming School.

Thousands of people have taken advantage of the opportunity to start a pet grooming
business so they can fulfill the American Dream. With a small investment you can; be your
own boss, with a low overhead, and your very own recession proof business. People will
always need to take care to their pets.

The school is owned and operated by Mrs. Brenda Skelskey, who has 30 years experience in
the industry of pet grooming instruction and has been teaching pet grooming for 17 years.
She is a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America.